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Subterranean Cinema

So... What is Subterranean Cinema? 

It is the latest series being brought to you by PBS Fort Wayne... and the result of our listening to one of the many programming requests we've received through the years:

 "Why don't you run a classic movie series like public television used to do in the early days?" 

You asked. We listened. The answer is Subterranean Cinema.

Subterranean Cinema is northeast Indiana's latest place to enjoy classic Hollywood movies. With genres spanning drama, comedy, westerns, film noir, musicals, sci-fi, horror, monster movies and more -shown in their original black-and-white or color formats - and brought back to life from the archives and cinematic basements from where they have been waiting all these years, this weekly film series is hand-picked to be shared among film fans of every generation -just like you - every weekend.

Best of all, we're offering multiple airings each weekend. Each week's film will be able to be seen:

  • Saturday nights (Prime Time) on our Explore channel, 39.4.
  • Saturdays at Midnight (Midnight Movie) on our main channel, 39.1.
  • Sundays (Weekend Matinee) at 2:00pm on our main channel, 39.1.


They'll also be available for streaming each week, after they broadcast, through the PBS app on your smartphone, tablet or smart TV, and, at, too. Just use "Subterranean Cinema" as your search term to stream and enjoy!

Check out the lineup of films we have scheduled so far…

Subterranean Cinema: Weekend of: JuLY 20-21

Gung Ho! (1943)

During the Pacific phase of World War II, Marine Col. Thorwald (Randolph Scott) puts together a special strike force to capture Makin Island, a strategic territory held by Japan. He goes out of his way to select soldiers who are rugged or labeled as misfits, such as former boxer "Pig-Iron" Matthews (Bob Mitchum) and yokel Rube Tedrow (Rod Cameron). As their raid draws closer, Thorwald dispatches with all ranks and titles, and trains his group using unconventional methods. Based on the true story of Carlson's Raiders.

Subterranean Cinema: Weekend of: JuLY 27-28

The Man With The Golden Arm (1955)

This film broke new ground with its realistic look at the life of a heroin addict. When illegal card dealer and recovering heroin addict Frankie Machine (Frank Sinatra) gets out of prison, he decides to straighten up. Armed with nothing but an old drum set, Frankie tries to get honest work as a drummer. But when his former employer, small-time con man Schwiefka (Robert Strauss), and Frankie's old drug dealer, Louis (Darren McGavin), re-enter his life, Frankie finds it hard to stay clean and eventually finds himself succumbing to his old habits. Based on the novel by Nelson Algren.

Some Of Our Featured Films, Now Streaming...

Subterranean Cinema-St. Martin;s Lane (1938)

Subterranean Cinema: Now Streaming

St Martin’s Lane (1938)

(Also released as "The Streets of London" ) A savvy street performer (Charles Laughton) helps a beautiful pickpocket find a new career. Taken under his wing, the young woman (Vivien Leigh) must decide if she will desert her street roots for a high-society songwriter (Rex Harrison). 

Subterranean Cinema-My Dear Secretary (1948)

Subterranean Cinema: Now Streaming

My Dear Secretary (1948)

When romance writer Owen Waterbury (Kirk Douglas) meets Stephanie "Steve" Gaylord (Laraine Day), he offers her a job as his secretary. Steve, a would-be writer herself, accepts the position but is quickly dismayed by Owen's shabby work ethic and distracting visitors, including Ronnie (Keenan Wynn), his rowdy, mischievous neighbor.

Subterranean Cinema-Quicksand (1950)

Subterranean Cinema: Now Streaming

Quicksand (1950)

Young auto mechanic Dan Brady (Mickey Rooney) takes $20 from a cash register at work to go on a date with blonde femme fatale Vera Novak (Jeanne Cagney). Brady intends to put the money back before it is missed, but the garage’s bookkeeper shows up earlier than scheduled. As Brady scrambles to cover evidence of his petty theft, he fast finds himself drawn into an ever worsening “quicksand” of crime.

Subterranean Cinema-Dark Journey (1937)

Subterranean Cinema: Now Streaming

Dark Journey (1937)

World War I is raging, but Swedish store clerk Madeleine Goddard (Vivien Leigh) has not aligned herself with either side. When she meets German soldier Karl Von Marwitz (Conrad Veidt), she falls in love. Karl, who presents as a footman of low rank, is in fact a high-ranking official in the German army. Madeleine has secrets of her own -- she is a spy, working for the Allies. As Madeleine and Karl are pulled deeper into the war, their love may be the thing that saves their lives. 

Subterranean Cinema-Spitfire (1943)

Subterranean Cinema: Now Streaming

Spitfire (1943)

By the late 1920's aircraft designer R.J. Mitchell feels he has achieved all he wants with his revolutionary monoplanes winning trophy after trophy. But a holiday in Germany shortly after Hitler assumes power convinces him that it is vital to design a completely new type of fighter plane and that sooner or later Britain's very survival may depend on what he comes to call the Spitfire. Directed by and starring Leslie Howard as Mitchell with David Niven as a test pilot.

Subterranean Cinema-Angel and the Badman (1947)

Subterranean Cinema: Now Streaming

Angel and the Badman (1947)

When a wounded gunfighter (John Wayne) is found by a pacifist frontier family, the good Samaritans soon realize that they have let trouble into their home. While the gunfighter grows attached to the family, he is soon visited by his past - both by outlaws and the law.

Subterranean Cinema-Father's Little Dividend (1951)

Subterranean Cinema: Now Streaming

Father's Little Dividend (1951)

A year after dealing with a surprise engagement in "Father of the Bride," Stanley Banks (Spencer Tracy) and his wife, Ellie (Joan Bennett), are in for another shock when they find their daughter Kay (Elizabeth Taylor) is now pregnant. Not ready to be a grandfather, Stanley keeps quiet while everyone else fawns over the mother-to-be and bothers her about baby names and nursery decorations. Ironically, his silence makes him the person Kay turns to the most for help, which in turn helps him.

Subterranean Cinema-Fire Over England (1937)

subterranean cinema-Now Streaming

Fire Over England (1937)

This stirring historical drama brought Laurence Olivier (Hamlet, Richard III) and Vivien Leigh (Gone With the Wind, That Hamilton Woman) together on screen for the first time. Set during the reign of Elizabeth I, Fire Over England features a then-unknown Olivier starring as a dashing naval officer whose daring leads the British to victory over the Spanish Armada. Proving himself a true swashbuckler, he charms many a maiden, infiltrates King Philip's court, and escapes by his sword and his wit. Leigh is exquisite as the lady-in-waiting who wins his heart forever. Other outstanding performances include Dame Flora Robson as the courageous yet vulnerable queen and Raymond Massey as the power-hungry Philip.

Subterranean Cinema-Blood On The Sun (1945)

subterranean cinema-Now Streaming

Blood On The Sun (1945)

Nick Condon (James Cagney) is a newspaper reporter working in pre- WWII Tokyo who refuses to toe the Japanese line on the expansionist policies of the anti-democratic Imperialist government. When it becomes clear to the authorities that Condon isn't going to cooperate and that he has some valuable information and contacts, they decide to get him in their clutches to interrogate him, then dispose of him.

Subterranean Cinema-My Favoriote Brunette (1947)

subterranean cinema-Now streaming

My Favorite Brunette (1947)

When baby photographer Ronnie Jackson (Bob Hope) office-sits for traveling Private Investigator Sam McCloud, he finds his dreams of playing detective coming all too true all too soon when mysterious damsel-in-distress Carlotta Montay (Dorothy Lamour) sashays into his office. Soon our hero is up to his ski-nose in trouble as he and his comely client are chased by a gang of cutthroats with designs on Carlotta's uncle's uranium (that's right, uranium!)

Subterranean Cinema-Dinner At The Ritz (1937)

subterranean cinema-Now Streaming

Dinner At The Ritz (1937)

When her fiancé’s car accident brings together a woman (Annabella) and a stranger (David Niven), sparks fly. When her wealthy father is murdered, the daughter looks for those who might have plotted against him in this mystery-romance.

Subterranean Cinema-Rage At Dawn (1947)

subterranean cinema-Now Streaming

Rage At Dawn (1947)

Terrorizing the Hoosier state in 1866 , the Reno brothers gang (Forrest Tucker, J. Carrol Naish, Myron Healy, Denver Pyle) use the town of Seymour, Indiana as a safe haven, paying off three crooked town officials. Sent in to clean up the gang is Peterson Detective Agency operative James Barlow (Randolph Scott), who poses as an outlaw to gain the confidence of the officials and the thick-headed brothers.  Events heat up and rage surfaces as Barlow sets up the gang in a dawn train robbery.

Subterranean Cinema-Road to Bali (1952)

subterranean cinema-Now Streaming

Road To Bali (1952)

The first and only "Road" movie in Technicolor has American song-and-dance men Harold Gridley (Bob Hope) and George Cochran (Bing Crosby) dodging a double-barreled shotgun wedding in Australia by signing on as deep sea divers on the exotic island of Bali, Indonesia. There the fun-lovin' pair falls in love with beautiful Princess Lalah (Dorothy Lamour) and meet a chimp that holds a strong resemblance to one well-known ski-nosed actor! With Murvyn Vye, Carolyn Jones; look for cameos by Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, and Jane Russell.

Subterranean Cinema-Long John Silver (1954)

subterranean cinema-Now Streaming

Long John Silver (1954)

Sulking in a Panama tavern after the events of "Treasure Island," Long John Silver (Robert Newton) learns that a rival pirate has kidnapped the governor's daughter and Jim Hawkins (Kit Taylor). After convincing the governor that only a pirate can catch a pirate, Silver sets out to rescue Jim, who has a medallion showing the location of hidden treasure. Silver tries to return to Treasure Island but is marooned with Jim on Socorro Island, where the foiled and angry kidnapper is hiding.

Subterranean Cinema-A Star is Born (1937)

Subterranean Cinema-Now Streaming

A Star Is Born (1937)

Starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March. Aspiring actress Esther Blodgett (Gaynor) chases her dreams in Hollywood. There, she meets fading star Norman Maine (March) who helps launch her career while battling his own demons. This 1937 drama, the first color film nominated for Best Picture, explores love, ambition, and the price of fame. 

To see all of the Subterranean Cinema selections that are now streaming, visit our show page at or search for  Subterranean Cinema with the PBS app!